This is an intelligent public address system powered by MAG2120. It can be applied in hotels to meet the needs of public broadcasting. It can realize the ensured functions of public address such as emergency broadcast, business announcement, and background broadcast.

MAG2120II Intelligent Complex Solution of Hotel
MAG2120II Intelligent Complex Solution of Hotel


System Functions

System Functions of MAG2120II Intelligent Complex Solution of Hotel



Advantage of MAG2120II Intelligent Complex Solution of Hotel


System list

MAG2120II 40 Zones Intelligent PA System Center   1
MP9810RII Remote Paging Station                          1
MP9807C PA System MP3/CD/ VCD/DVD Player        1
MP9808R AM/FM Tuner                                          1
MP9821M M/S Amplifier Auto Switcher                    3
MP9815E Emergency Panel                                    1
DA4125 Digital amplifier 4 channelx 125W              4
DA2500 Digital amplifier 2 channelx 500W              3
D6572II 8 channel  Power Sequence Controller        1
DSP662 6W Ceiling Speaker with Fire Dome           64
DSP644 30W Rock Speaker                                   20
DSP8064 wall mount speaker 40W                        18 

System Features

 8*20 matrix, 8 audio source inputs and 20 audio output;
 5 sets of timing programs each with 500 timing points for a 7-day cycle;
 Built-in digital MP3/Tuner player;
 20 fire emergency inputs, 1 fire linkage output;
 With one-touch emergency button and EMC Mic.
 Built-in monitor speaker, users can monitor each zone with volume control;
 Remote paging, realize remote paging with the call station;
 Remote controlled by computer via network;
 With backup function when amplifier broken and ensure the system will work normally

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